Story told by Margie Bustle

A few years ago, my sister and I needed to clean out our Dad's apartment. We had an estate sale and then moved what was left and had a garage sale. During the time spent together I asked Lois what she was going to do after she retired in a few years. Lois said, "You know, I've always wanted to have an antique shop." I said, "Well, for crying out loud, why didn't you say something before? We had enough stuff we could have started one." Lois said, "I've already got a name for it. Juntique." I said, "Let's do it."

So, after having a few 'executive meetings' and recruiting help from our husbands and friends, part of an out building at Lois' home was converted to a shop. We have both been collectors and savers for years, so we had enough "stuff" to stock the shop. Then our mother said, "Come clean out my house." Strangely enough, she is a collector and saver too. Hereditary? We were in business! The grand opening was June of 2007. We sent out invitations so our friends could see what was happening. It was wonderful and lots of people came. One of the best things was many of our friends and family said, "If you need help, call me."

And we have. We had a chance to go to the Antiques Roadshow when it was in Louisville, Kentucky, so our mother and a daughter-in-law pitched in and covered the shop for us. Our "volunteer network" has helped with carpentry, moving furniture, painting, and the many things that needed to be done. When you are just starting out, it can mean so much. With the shop being at Lois' home and having the help that we do, it enables us to have very low overhead and to keep our prices very reasonable. We try to buy right and pass along a good price to our customers. Any profits that we've made we put back in to our inventory. We ware able to do that because our expenses are minimal.

Juntique is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If we are available we will put out the sign and open other days too. We both enjoy buying so there are constantly new things. Estate sales, tag sales, and private sales are our favorite sources of adding to the inventory. Plus we have friends who are always on the prowl for interesting buys. We love it when they call and say, "Wait 'till you see what I've got for you." (You know who you are.) We also have regular customers that like specialty items that we are always looking for.

Lois said she liked the name "Juntique" because she wanted to have everything from junk to antiques. I told her that people are going to see the name and wonder what it is so I think we should tell them.

So, our advertising says, "Juntique. It's just what you think".

There is a broad Spectrum of inventory. Antique furniture, collectibles, household goods, quilts, you name it. Because of the success of the shop, it's being enlarged this year(thanks again to family and friends).

One thing we are really excited about is in 2008 we will be selling Paula Deen items. We think we will be having a lot of fun doing that. Y'all know, everybody loves Paula Deen.

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One of the greatest things that has happened is we have made many new friends and renewed old acquaintances in the last year.

Stop in and see our shop. If you are going to be in the area on a non-business day, call and we'll open the shop for you.